For concert booking at Wilson Abbey (including Everybody’s Coffee, the Theater Room, and the Auditorium).

Sideyard Productions is 100% volunteer run and is staffed by a small handful of musicians and others who have been involved in different areas of music business for decades. We feel that we are creating a space with a community feel for all to enjoy. We aim to hold concerts and events that are high quality, beneficial to the community, and a positive experience for the attendees as well as the artists who perform in our spaces.

We opened WIlson Abbey in early 2014 and have had a good measure of success with each event we’ve held. We’ve had very positive feedback from the artists and attendees alike. We will continue to improve all of the performance spaces as we’re able.


We print flyers and set them out at local establishments, and advertise on Facebook and our websites, but we also depend on you, the artist to draw out your fans through your own networks.

Financial Agreements

Generally we do a split of the door, or offer free concerts with donations optional that go to the band. For some bigger shows, we have set a ticket price and done a split with the artist. We also offer food and housing to the traveling artists, located in our ten-story apartment building.

Virtual Tour

View a virtual tour of the venue


For technical questions, contact Ed Bialach at 773.329.5441 or by email.


If you think your act would fit well at Wilson Abbey (we strive to keep our shows all-ages), or if you have questions about performing here, please email us a link to your online press kit and any other pertinent info. Thanks!

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